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Back to Reality…

Hello, hello! How have you been? Did you miss me while I was gone? It felt like forever didn’t it….

Here is a sneak peek of our wedding shot by our wonderful friend and wedding photographer Nikole Ramsay. More coming soon I promise.

Instead of ‘Weekend in Pictures’ I have decided that tomorrow I might do ‘Honeymoon in Pictures’, how about that… New Zealand truly is amazing.

Wow… back to reality… Market this Saturday! haha… the show goes on…

K x

7 Comments to “Back to Reality…”

  1. I TOTALLY missed you while you were gone! Welcome back!!!! It was an amazing day and I am so glad you let me be part of it! Can’t wait to see the photos of New Zealand…yay!

  2. Congratulations Kara and Tim, you both look radiant. I love the dress! xxx

  3. Mrs Bok says:

    Congrats guys! I’ve been admiring your pics and pieces for a while – thought I’d come out of hiding to wish you happiness x

  4. Totally divine Kara! Such a natural, honest beauty to your special day. The photos are incredible, and you two look so relaxed and happy. Congratulations again! Steph :)

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